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More than 200 employees successfully joined startups through my service


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Recruited happy employees for more than 30 companies


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More than 97% success rate in matching candidates with the right company


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An impressive average employee retention rate of around 24 months

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Recruitment Is Not a Formula, It's an Art

Every sourcing campaign is just as unique as your startup.

The Startup Recruitment Process

Sometimes it looks like recruitment has a formula, but this is not the case. The reality is that it requires a lot of agility and consistency over time. You have to find the right voice to address employees and keep them happy and engaged. Developing the perfect HR communications strategy is a tricky task for any new company.

Agility, Strategy & Recruitment Success

Once you’ve achieved investment, you’ll need to act fast to build the right team for your goals. Having a clear strategy helps you find candidates to fit your company’s work ethic and professional values. Great teams create great companies.

Recruiting the Right Employees from the Get Go

Great candidates support your growth, your culture, and brand you as a market leader.

Over the years, I have developed a unique recruitment process that sources candidates via an effective funnel. It makes sure that only the brightest, and most enthusiastic candidates remain. I call it:

the Trajectory

Once Launched, the Trajectory Hits the Mark, Fast!

Here’s how it works


During my research stage, I conduct an extensive review of the market in which your company operates. I start with a review of the competitive landscape and research the technologies used by you and your competitors. To optimise the candidate’s lifecycle, my research also covers an in-depth study of where your market is heading, future trends and upcoming technologies.


During the customization stage, I analyze your company to craft the right employee persona for your needs. It’s vital to understand how your startup operates because different companies require different candidates. The process includes understanding your values, your products and your goals.


During this stage, I help you map out the perfect candidate persona. Together, we identify which employers hold your dream candidates, then outline the experience level and knowledge required for the role. In case any candidate needs further education, I’ll help you define how the hiring process can produce a positive ROI. The process concludes with the candidates who have the most impressive achievements and accomplishments, and which of them share your values and ethics.


During the attraction stage, I apply both push and pull tactics to get you the best talent. Here it’s vital to conduct a highly targeted outreach campaign to grab the attention of the right candidates. Not everyone is on the market. You have to use a lot of channels, and a lot of creativity to get the best to notice you. In the last step of the attraction stage, I organize the gathered data and begin to qualify the leads. That’s when you get the right person for your team!


During the conversion stage, I conduct the interviews and qualifications assessments - zeroing in on your ideal candidates. Now, it’s vital to make sure that the candidate closely matches your company’s values and goals. Once we have the perfect match, we begin negotiations and set up expectations. I check to make sure everyone is 100% happy. Finally, we close the contract and celebrate the beginning of a great new team.

You Already Know That You Only Get One Shot at a First Impression..

So, make it count! A great recruitment process sets the tone for all future relationships

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