Adi AssafCreating Teams & Fueling Startup Growth For More Than Ten Years

My Name Is Adi Assaf, an HR Expert That Specializes in Startup Recruitment"

When You Need to Grow, I’ve Got Your Back!”

For the past 12 years, I’ve been providing HR services for startups and organizations, fueling their growth, and nurturing their culture.
As a technical recruiter, speaker and a firm believer in the advancement of culture, I lecture on the benefits of creating an environment for employees that will take care of their every need, even in the candidacy stage.
My specialties include strategical consultation, overseeing recruitment, interviewing candidates, employee retention, and serving as a link between candidates, employees and the company.

Recruitment Strategy

Defining a tailor-made strategy and following through produces results.

Setting a Voice

As a startup, you have to let your unique presence shine, from the get-go.

Defining Values

A company that values her culture, grabs the attention of amazing candidates.

Effective Outreach

“When I do the legwork, I cover extra miles Think of it as recruitment plug & play!”

Interviews & Analysis

No Jedi mind tricks, I make sure that these are the talents you’re looking for.

Retention & Beyond

Once the candidate turns into an employee, the sky is the limit.

We’ve used Adi’s services as a recruiter and to plan our recruiting process. It’s been an absolute please to work with her and the work she’s done is a foundation to our processes to this very day!
Head of Software at Silo Kitchen Inc

Amir Ben Ari Head of Software at Silo Kitchen Inc

We have doubled our headcount in a few month time with Adi's professional help! With a big smile and positive approach, Adi has identified amazing talents who are now part of our ninjas team! Thank you Adi!

Lior Harbater VP R&D at Roojoom

“I’m Providing a Full Stack Human Resource Management Service

Here Are My Services…”

The main HRM role is to embody in practice and spirit the company’s interests, and to manage and develop its precious resource. The service includes consultations, overseeing recruitment, interviewing candidates, employee retention and serving as a link between employees and the company.

Talent Acquisition & Recruitment Pipeline

Recruitment strategies include hiring profiles, creating job description, headhunting, screening, in-depth behavioral interviews and more.

Diversity Counselling

Establishing a work climate in which employees realize their potential, they’ll love to come to work and growth together with their managers and colleagues.

Education & Personal Development

Managing education programs for new employees and developing educational progress over time, making sure the knowledge pool is up to par and above.

Workplace Conflict Resolution

Dispute arise even in the best of atmospheres. My job is to be the bridge on which you meet, discuss and resolve your differences.

Company Culture & Values

I’ll conduct job satisfaction assessments, internal process reviews, company culture analysis and make sure the conclusions get implemented.

Growth & Hiring Cycles

As you progress, I’ll strategize your team building, company culture and team development budgets, reducing HR related stress and freeing your hands!

Want to Know What Really Sets Me Apart?

I'm Not Just Your Run-Of-The-Mill Agency, I Wear the Hat!

“Each organization has a different approach and structure. My process makes sure that I embody the framework, values, culture and approach of my clients. During our engagement, I master the knowledge that allows me to track all employee responsibilities, goals and interactions. I leave nothing for chance and deliver each and every time.”

Adi was the perfect match for our team, as she very quickly understood and aligned with our culture, values and recruitment needs. She helped us expand the team in a very crucial time of our journey, just before the company was acquired. On top of of that, she became an inseparable part of the team and a friend to a lot of us. Some of the excellent people that were originally hired for CloudLock and are still working in Cisco Cloud Security today, are the living testimony of Adi's great work.

Ori Keren VP Advanced Development, Cyber Intelligence at CloudLock, now part of Cisco

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